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Welcome to the Havoc guild website!

We are a Republic guild stationed on the Mandalore the Indomitable server in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Our Guild consists mostly of casual gamers who wish to focus on the many aspects of PvP and PvE in The Old Republic. We are committed to helping our members in all aspects of the game as well as grouping for high end flashpoint/operation content and PvP combat. If you are interested, feel free to sign up and apply for the guild. We are always looking for new people who want to enjoy every aspect of the game to it's full potential.

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Upcoming Features in ToR

ForlornHope, Feb 10, 12 10:10 PM.
This is for anyone that doesn't keep up with current events. Cased on the community Q&A on the official forums, I've compiled a list of some of the changes and additions we can expect in 1.2 and beyond.

- Guild Banks
- Lagacy features (new races, etc.)
- Armor Color Matching (good for us troopers who are sick of looking like a preschool art class project)
- Medium and Heavy Social Armors 
- New Warzones and PvP Ranking
- New Flashpoints and Operations
- UI Customization (finally)
- Dual Speccing (again...finally)
- Cross Server PvP
- Guild Capital Ships


ForlornHope, Feb 5, 12 10:41 PM.
Havoc is now recruiting all classes and levels. Please sign up and place an application in our forums.

Guild Site Up and Running!

ForlornHope, Feb 5, 12 2:12 PM.
Welcome to the new guild website! Stay tuned for updates.
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